Gift A.

Airtasker has given Gift the freedom of running his own business and helped him develop his gardening experience...

I’ve been on Airtasker since July 2016 and I’ve been on there ever since earning money. n a weekly basis I would complete at least 5-6 tasks minimum and earn around $1,200 - $1,400 (80% of my income) depending on how much work I get.

Before Airtasker I was working on farms so have a lot of farming experience, which really helped me when I joined Airtasker as I started with gardening tasks. As I do more and more gardening tasks my skills really started to grow and I’ve become more competent as a gardener."

Tip: You have to start small and put your efforts into arriving on time and doing a good job. Job Posters will then be satisfied and give you a good review. From there you’ll start getting more tasks. As soon as you get one or two tasks, the reviews will help you be more successful.

Airtasker gives me the freedom of doing my own business and I like that payments are assured. I don’t have any problems with this because if the Job Poster isn’t here when I’m finished, I just take a photo of the work I’ve done and they’ll release the money.

I find all the tasks I do on Airtasker interesting because I’m always learning on a daily basis. Airtasker has helped me discover my gardening skill and experience.