Be your own boss

Earn up to £2,900 a month* doing what you’re great at! Or do you need help with your to-do list? Anything can be done on Airtasker, from odd-jobs to deliveries and design work to photography.

How it Works

Welcome to Airtasker! Want to know how it works? Look no further...

The benefits of earning

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You're the boss

You get to decide how much you want to earn by offering the right price.

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Secure Payments

Payment is secured before you start and released when the task is done.

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Build your reputation

Receiving 5-star reviews and adding badges helps you to earn more.


When is Airtasker launching?

We'll be there as quickly as we can, but most likely towards the end of the year. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more information about how Airtasker works to get started as quickly as possible.

What kind of work can I do?

We’re an open marketplace where people can post tasks for almost anything. Whether it’s cleaning, moving house and putting IKEA furniture together, or working as event staff, designing invitations or even costume making - it's simple to find a task that matches your skills.

How do I get paid?

As soon as the task is completed. However, the person that wants the task done (the Job Poster), pays for the task in advance when they accept your offer. This payment is securely held for you with Airtasker Pay. It’s then seamlessly transferred to you once you’ve asked for payment on the task and the Job Poster releases it.

Does Airtasker charge a fee?

Yes, there is a competitive service fee which is deducted from the task price. It covers variable insurance and transactional costs, and also ongoing maintenance costs to continuously improve and develop the Airtasker marketplace, to maximise your opportunity to earn more.

Who will I be working with?

It's up to you! Once Airtasker is up and running in London, you'll be able to browse the tasks posted by others in your community. If you’re curious, you can check out their profile to see what tasks they've already had done and see any reviews they've been given. Then it’s up to you to choose if you'd like to work with them.

How does Airtasker work?

Airtasker connects people who are ready to work with people who need work done. Once a task gets posted, you can make an offer and ask any questions through the comments section. When your offer gets accepted, the person posting the task (the Job Poster) pays for the task through Airtasker Pay. Then you can get started on the task, safe in the knowledge that your payment is secure. Once you’ve been assigned you can send private messages to chat about any last minute details, and when the task is done all you need to do is request payment on the task.

*Based on the median top 50 Tasker’s monthly earnings in Australia. The amount you earn will vary depending on your offer and how many tasks you complete.